10 reasons why you should visit Malaga

So this is the first blog of our travel adventures. I’ve decided to dedicate this one to Malaga as it holds a special place in my heart now. There are many reasons to visit Malaga! MANY! So I’m going to try my best to narrow it down to 10…

  1. The Food

    Food is like music to the body. We all love it and appreciate it. This is why I’ve put it down as number uno. And there is nothing better than trying new food from a new country or region. The food in Malaga did not fail to please my taste buds. If you’re a fan of seafood Malaga is the PLACE FOR YOU. Fritura Malaguena is one of the typical seafood dishes from Malaga – it is fried fish (usually cod or squid) served with lemon. It’s SO GOOD! One of my favourite dishes was the the espeto. They are sardines that are freshly-caught from the sea and skewered and roasted over a barbecue pit. This barbecue is typically found on the beach and is in the form of an old fishing boat. It’s hard to resist walking past one of these without wanting to indulge. And best thing is you don’t need to feel guilty about indulging as it’s all good and healthy. Moving swiftly on from healthy food, we have my favourite – Churros. These are possibly one of my favourite inventions. They are ADDICTIVE. They are fried strips of dough usually dipped in sugar, cinnamon or my favourite – Chocolate. You can eat churros as breakfast, dessert or a snack. Bilal’s mum said they’re not hard to make you just need the right equipment (but I don’t think I should learn how to make them because I’ll be eating them every single day – fact). If I continue to talk about food I will be here forever so I’ll leave it at that but those are just some of delicious dishes Malaga has to offer.

  2. The Port

Malaga’s port is considered one of the main ports on the Mediterranean. It is the oldest continually operated port in Spain but has recently been through a stunning modernisation. Walking along the modern promenade you will come across pretty gardens, sculptures and bars with lovely outside seating areas. It’s a nice place to have a stroll, go for a run or just hang out and watch the world go by.

3. The Beaches

The beach is one of my happy places. The main beach, La Malagueta beach, is just 10 minutes from the city centre so it’s super easy to get to. There you can enjoy a swim, sunbathe under the Andalucian sun, play beach sports or just have a drink at one of the bars. Also this is where you will find the best seafood restaurants so again – FOOD. Along this beach there are small areas of palm trees which almost made me feel like I was in the Caribbean. Very scenic indeed! Depending on what time of the year you decide to go this beach can get very busy at’s it’s full or tourists during the summer months. That’s perfect for some, but if you prefer a quieter beach there places on the outskirts of Malaga with lovely dark sand and rocks to dive off.

4. Gibralfaro Castle

BEST VIEW OF THE CITY HERE. Gibralfaro Castle (I found this Spanish word so hard to pronounce so feels nice to type it instead haha) is a Moorish Castle found on the top of the Gibralfaro mountain. Together with la Alcazaba, it forms a fortified site which extends along the mountain. From the top of castle you will see an amazing view of the thriving city below. Apparently on a clear day it is even possible to see some mountains on the Rif mountain range in Morocco! That’s right, you can see Africa from certain parts of the South of Spain. How unbelievable is that!

5. The People

Happiness is only real when shared. So the people you are surrounded by are one of the major ingredients towards your own happiness. Andalusians are in my opinion the friendliest of all the Spanish. In the South, in Malaga, you will find people who are welcoming, charming and full of life. They love to talk and party. A LOT (haha). They enjoy the company of others, meeting new people and hanging out with friends and family. Socialising is very important to them. If you want to go somewhere where the people are fun and friendly this is one of those places.


6. The Weather

If you have a deep appreciation for the sun like me the South of Spain is where you will find the hottest temperatures in Spain. Some even say it gets too hot during the summer months but when you come from cold climates any kind of heat is appreciated haha. So come here to soak up that lovely Andalusian sun and get your vitamin D.


7. La Feria 

Unfortunately I didn’t get to go to La Feria in Malaga but all I’ve heard is good things about it so it still deserves a place on the list. La feria de Malaga is a traditional week-long street festival that happens every August with plenty of Flamenco dancing, cheap drinks, good food, good music and entertainment. The women where the flouncy flamenco dresses and everyone celebrates the unique Andalusian culture. Though I didn’t go to the one in Malaga, I did get to go to the La Feria in Cordoba which was an amazing experience. But will talk about that in another post.

8. The Mountains and Lakes

Malaga happens to be surrounded by lots of beautiful mountains making it feel like it’s a magical place hidden from the rest of the world. If you’re into nature and the beauty of the outdoors you will appreciate this. If you want to escape the city there are over ten trekking routes in Malaga where you can observe the more natural side of Malaga. The lakes – another natural beauty of Malaga.

9. The City Centre

The city centre of Malaga is full of culture and historical attractions. There is something to explore at every corner including Museo Picasso, the Cathedral of Malaga and the Roman Theatre. These places attract many tourist every year and for good reason. Here you will also find everything a city typically has to offer such as bars, restaurants, shops and more.


10. The Caves (Nerja)

Because the cave looks cool.


By Tianna





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  1. Yatsina says:

    I lived in Malaga and totally agree! I love it!

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