A day in Seville

We decided to do a day trip with Vilal´s parents to Seville which is the capital and largest city in Andalusia. Due to it being the largest city there was toooooooo much to see in just a day so we will definately be returning there at some point in the near future to continue our exploration. Seville is a thriving city full of personlity, colour, roman inspired architecture and historical landscapes. There is something at every corner. Seville is home to two of Spain´s best fiestas: La Semana Santa and La Feria de Abril. La Semana Santa is a major celebration that usually takes place in the streets a week before easter to commemorate the passion of Christ. Two weeks later people take to the streets again for La Feria de Abril which is a week long traditional Spanish fair with drinking, dancing, eating and socialising. Flamenco is adored in Seville! We came across flamenco dancers at pretty much every square. The emotion and passion you feel from the dancers is spectacular. Flamenco truly reflects the energy of the Hispanic people. Seville happens to be a movie makers paradise. The classic 1962 film Lawrence of Arabia was filmed in various locations across the city. And more recently the well-known drama series Game of Thrones used Seville´s arabian inspired locations to film their scenes from The kingdom of dorne. Also the Plaza de España was used as part of the film Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the clones for those Star Wars fans out there (I´m certainly one). You can see pictures of this location below. Here are some pictures from our day in Seville.


Catedral de Seville





Plaza de España



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    you look so nice bothin seville like it was for my wife and me … we had dinner on the patio of banderas a 10th Oktober at 10pm wearing just a tee shirt … i wish you a happy 2019

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  2. Jamanish says:

    Seville is lovely! It was warm when we went too and that was in December ☀ amazing! Wishing you and your wife a happy new year! Hope 2019 brings you many more travels


  3. Pablo says:

    Love is in the air!

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  4. maristravels says:

    Seville is one of my favourite cities, and I see you enjoyed the Plaza de Espana. Isn’t it amazing? We did a trip down the Guadalquivir to Cadiz last time I was there, which was wonderful, and I am visiting Seville again in late March with a friend who wants to spend a day in Cordoba – so easy to reach from Seville. I hope the weather holds out for us.

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    1. Jamanish says:

      It’s one of our favourite cities in Spain too! So scenic really enjoyed the Plaza de España it’s incredible. Cadiz is on our list next! But we’re waiting till the summer for that one. Yes Cordaba is a lovely city also, I’m sure your friend will love it. Hopefully the weather does hold out 🤞


  5. Francisco Bravo Cabrera says:

    I spent five days in Sevilla last June and loved it! I would gladly move there!

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    1. Jamanish says:

      I agree! It’s beautiful isn’t it! Could happily move there too!

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