Aguilar de la frontera


We spent the weekend in a lovely town on the outskirts of Cordaba called Aguilar de la Frontera. We stayed in Ismael´s grandmas (Bilal´s Friends) house which was absolutely stunning. To be honest we didn´t spend much time in it though as there was so much to do. The Friday was a relaxed day. During the daytime we went to the countryside and spent time with Ismael´s Friends. We also went to a local restaurant and tried some new foods typical to the Cordaba región such as Flamequin which is a roulade of pork loin and jamon that is breaded and fried. Typically it´s made of this but because I don´t eat pork they made one out of chicken and cheese for me which was taaaaaaaasty. After eating we drove to La laguna to have a stroll in the sun and take some scenic pictures. In the evening we went out for a couple drinks then called it a day. On the Saturday we were invited to Ismael´s uncles house for lunch which was nice. We ate with them and then went back to the house to get ready for La Feria. La Feria is the largest event in Cordaba celebrated in the last week of May where thousands go in small tents called casetas to eat, drink and dance. It´s AMAZINGGGG!!!!! Unfortunately we don´t have any pictures of La Feria as we thought it´d be best not to bring the camera but take my word for it it is spectacular and definately ended the weekend with a bang and nasty hangover.DSC07064cDSC07052cDSC07073ccDSC07088cDSC07114cDSC07122cDSC07125DSC07127cDSC07141cDSC07145cDSC07148cDSC07159cDSC07161cDSC07163cDSC07169cDSC07171cDSC07177c


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      Hahaha she is the lucky one ahhaha

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