This summer we decided to try somewhere new in the UK. Originally we were going to go to Brighton but all their airbnbs were fully booked as it was pride weekend and we left it too late. We wanted to go somewhere scenic but not too far from Bristol. Whilst researching places in the south, Torquay came up as a suggestion and after looking at photos and reviews we knew we found the weekend getaway we were looking for. We booked an airbnb, coach tickets and we were off.

On arriving there we dropped off our luggage at the airbnb and then went straight down to the harbour to grab something to eat. The Torquay seafront is stunning! Palm trees run along the coastline and many beautiful yachts nod gently on the marina. They also have a large ferris wheel that is lit up with lots of pretty colours at night. They have lots of stunning restaurants facing the harbour and in the town centre. It was hard to decide where to eat but we finally made a desision on guess what… we chose pizza lol. After eating and walking along the harbour we called it a night as we were very tired.


The following day we decided to go to Babbacombe which was recommended by our airbnb host. This place is a hidden gem. We spent half of the day there, walking the coastlines and taking pictures of the lovely views. We also came across the local Seal which was super cute. The pictures speak for themselves I hope.

The rest of the day we spent wondering around the Torquay harbour and in the evening we watched some live music in one of the local bars.


The last day we decided to go to Living Coasts which is Torquay’s famous coastal zoo and aquarium. We went at a good time as one of the penguins were out of the pen for a walk about. The penguin took a liking to Bilal so we got some good close up photos of it. Torquay ended up being a sweet getaway. It has a lot to offer, beautiful views, a boat harbour, plenty of sealife and nature, and even the night life is great apparently although we skipped out on the clubbing this time. We highly recommend it!



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