We decided to take a day trip to Benahavis which is a small town close to Marbella. We enjoy disconnecting from the city and discovering the beautiful natural environments that surround us in Andalucia. We wanted to visit Rio Guadalmina but rather than taking the main route there which is located by the towns welcome sign we drove further down so we could have a nice stroll by the streams that lead to it. On our stroll we saw lots of ducks and frogs. We tried to get a couple of photos of them but most of them were camera shy so we had to be stealth about it. After our lovely natural stroll we got to Rio Guadalmina. It was BEAUTIFUL. We sat at the top of the rocks and just took in the beautiful view. I was tempted to go for a swim but I´m still not a very confident swimmer so I chickened out as the water was way too deep for me. Vilal can swim very well but he´s not a fan of water so none of us actually went in the river unfortunately. But it is the perfect spot for diving. There were other tourists diving off the rocks into the river which looked incredibly fun. We stayed there until the sun went down just enjoying nature and the tranquility. 

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