The Netherlands: Birthday Weekend Away

What a trip! 😉 So it was Vilal’s 30th birthday this November and I wanted to do something special and memorable for it. He’s always wanted to go to the Netherlands so I thought I’d surprise him and booked a weekend away to Amsterdam. We’re thinking about moving there in 2020 too so thought this would be the perfect opportunity to test trail the place. We left early Saturday morning and flew with Easyjet. It’s crazy how close it is to Bristol, by the time you try to shut your eyes to sleep you’re there already. When we landed there we knew we were going to like the place. The airport was very big and stylish. We had to wait a while for our check-in bags but we were so excited to be there this didn’t bother us. We stayed in an area called Aalsmeer which was about an hour away from Amsterdam. It was a very pretty, quiet area surrounded by trees and lakes. The hotel we stayed in was called The Blue Mansion. It was lovely and good value for money we’d definitely recommend it and we’d stay there again. When we arrived the staff were really nice and let us check-in early and also provided us with lots of useful information as we were newbies to the city. We had a little siesta and then got ready to make our way to Amsterdam. We got the bus which was located close to the hotel, super convenient. It took about 2 buses and a train ride to get to Amsterdam central but the buses are very regular and easy to navigate. Their public transport system is very savvy. When we arrived to Amsterdam our first motive: Find a coffee shop. We went to bluebird coffee shop which was very cute and quirky. We chilled there for 2 hours or so smoking and planning what we wanted to cover within the 3 days. We spent the rest of that evening walking around the canals taking pictures of the beautiful houses and architecture. We were going to go to a nightclub but the last bus was too early back to Aalsmeer and we didn’t want to be out until 6am in the morning lol so after the nice stroll we went back to the hotel and called it a night.

The next day was bike day 😀 We rented bikes in the morning from the hotel for the day and set off to Amsterdam again. Google maps took us through Amsterdam forest which was a really nice ride. We stopped a lot along the way taking in the natural scenery and befriending some dogs. When we got to Amsterdam we wanted to go to the museums first but unfortunately most of the were fully booked so we didn’t get to do any of the main ones including Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank House or The Van Gogh Museum. However we did get to go to the Amsterdam Dungeon and The Hash Marijuana and Hemp Museum. The Amsterdam Dungeons was a really fun experience. Vilal got chosen as a volunteer twice which was funny it’s like they knew it was his birthday. After the dungeons we had food at a really nice Italian restaurant called Cafe Piazza. After this we went for a walk around the red light district area and went to a bar for a couple of drinks. By the time we finished everything it was very late and we had to cycle back through the forest at 2am in the morning which was scaaaaaaary. It was pitch black and foggy, we couldn’t see anything accept tree’s and our batteries were running low it was the ideal horror movie. We had lights on our bikes but they weren’t bright enough at all. I actually ended up dropping my phone whilst we were cycling and I was ready to leave it as I didn’t want to go back in the dark. We managed to get home in one piece without seeing any ghosts or monsters lol. That was a day to remember. When we got back to the hotel we checked coach times for Rotterdam and booked a return for the next day.

The final day we spent in Rotterdam which is a beautiful port city about an hour away from Amsterdam. It’s a thriving city full of cool architecture, buildings and landscapes. We managed to do quite a lot in one day including The Cube Houses, Erasmus Bridge, The Markthal, Euromast Tower, The White House (Witte Huis) and The Flag Parade. For dinner we ate at Scharrels en Schuim – the chicken was AMAZING. We spent all day just seeing as much as possible and Vilal took a lot of great photos that you can see below. The 3 days went by so quickly but we had the best time.


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  1. Mª Jesús Castillo says:


    El mié., 27 nov. 2019 21:06, Jamanishgoabroad escribió:

    > Jamanish posted: “What a trip! 😉 So it was Vilal’s 30th birthday this > November and I wanted to do something special and memorable for it. He’s > always wanted to go to the Netherlands so I thought I’d surprise him and > booked a weekend away to Amsterdam. We’re thinking about” >

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  2. kenkemptv says:

    Amsterdam is a great city in a wonderful country. I’m glad you made the trip.

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