About Us

About Tianna

I am a performing arts graduate born and bred in Bristol. I have a deep appreciation for music, art and culture. When I was young my parents would take me and my siblings abroad every summer to somewhere new. We would mainly go to Spanish cities such as Barcelona and Valencia. Being abroad always felt like a dream. I was a curious kid and loved exploring new places and experiencing how different nationalities lived. Over the years my love for travelling grew more and more. At university I was lucky enough to go abroad three time, including New York. I promised myself that when I finished studying I´d travel full-time for a while around Asia and South America. The world is a massive place and I want to see as much of it as I can. I´ve been lucky enough to find my partner in crime to live out my dream with.

About Vilal

As a kid I was always on the go, moving houses and never staying in the same place for too long. In my teenage years I went to Turkey and Syria with my family. It was an amazing experience and made me think about life in another way. It opened my eyes. I studied in Malaga and after completing my course decided to move to the Uk. I came to Bristol in the hopes of finding work and learning a new language. Living in Bristol away from my family made me more independant and I had to overcome many challenges. I met lots of new people and discovered many new cultures. This way of life is now addictive to me. This is my new objective: To keep travelling, discovering and sharing my experiences.